Wednesday, February 17, 2010

rumors and lies

Big ol' whoppers I tell myself:
  1. Since people don't notice when I color my hair, they also don't notice when my roots haven't been touched up in far too long.
  2. People don't notice that I have a moustache.
  3. People don't notice that I'm basically and fundamentally a flake.
  4. People do notice me, though. I mean, I'm not invisible, right?
  5. When I read on MSNBC that insomnia causes your brain to shrink, they don't mean me.

Have big headache. Must find excedrin pm or acceptable substitute.

1 comment:

  1. 1. There is no effective substitute for excedrin pm.
    2. People don't care if you have a moustache.
    3. Roots are what you have if you color your hair. Better yet, let your hair be its natural color.
    4. You're not invisible.
    5. Pretty sure insomnia shrinks your brain, yep, "they're" probably right about that.
    6. Your mother loves you very much.