Saturday, February 20, 2010

Making progress

I agreed to make a lap quilt several months ago for a neighbor. She supplied all the materials and I was going to put it all together. Then life got in the way, along with a new grandbaby and a long visit with my grand-dad, and the quilt was laid aside for long periods of time without anything happening on it. I finished it yesterday and my neighbor was quite happy when I delivered it to her. I am so glad it's done, I can't tell you. It's been one of those jobs where I've known I should get it out, and I should've worked on it more diligently, but I didn't want to so there was some anxiety and a bit of guilt and a lot of procrastination. It is super cute, but I will never make anything out of chenille fabric again. It's a pain in the arse.

Now that that's out of the way, and with dear little Buttercup back at home with her peeps and Grampy's visit winding down, I was able to start on another project. It's another Fun and Done lap quilt and it's too too sweet with pink, orange, green, and blue, and it is for me. ( A Grammie needs something cutesy to lay down on the floor for a baby to roll around on.)

It's kind of exciting to have plans!


  1. So, the one in the picture is yours. I remember the one with the chenille--yep, it looked like quite a job. Yours looks pretty. It has the same backing as the one we made--which is on the back of the love seat in my living room.

  2. I just found your blog and it's great! I too have a blog that I keep up but it's private so let me know if you want to view it.

    The quilt looks great! I'm working on finishing a cross-stitch before this baby comes... I've only been working on it about 4 years! lol

  3. okay, it's beautiful, now put it down and blog for a few minutes! :o)