Thursday, October 18, 2012

Guilty pleasures

 the author as a young child*
Do you read People Magazine? Where stars, starlets, and celebrities gush about how perfect their lives are, and only reluctantly admit that they are also anonymous philanthropists changing the world one famous person at a time? Do you believe that schtick?

Then Suri's Burn Book is NOT for you. On this website you'll get a daily serving of snark. I love it. It must be because it's not written by a starlet, only some anonymous someone pretending to be a famous and over-photographed celebrity.

* I seriously doubt Suri Cruise has anything at all to do with Suri's Burn Book. It would make me very happy to find out Katie Holmes was ghost-writing it. I'd have a kind of renewed faith in the future of the world.

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  1. 4 hours later... wow, I got sucked into that blog! So so much fun in there!