Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Desk

Do you remember that one of my goals was to keep my desk cleared off this year? Remember how piles of clutter disrupt my mental and emotional equilibrium and over-all sense of well-being? It's here, and here. My desk is, obviously, a trouble spot for me.


Here's what's on my desk this morning that doesn't belong here:
  1. Lists #2 and #3 of items that I will need to compose 72-hour kits for my family. This means list #1 is missing.
  2. 1 giant box of baby wipes
  3. 1 Michael's coupon
  4. 1 pink comb
  5. a roll of double-sided tape
  6. a box cutter
  7. 3 recipes that I printed off the internet
  8. my Primary binder
  9. the water bill
  10. 2 Walmart receipts
  11. two 1-cent euro coins
  12. one 3-cent euro coin
  13. one 5-cent euro coin
  14. 1 rubber band
  15. 1 packet of fairy portraits
  16. 1 gas card bill
  17. 1 mortgage statement
  18. 1 wedding announcement
  19. 1 scrap of paper with an important phone number/address scribbled on it
  20. 1 receipt from an internet order of sewing supplies
  21. 1 empty 3-ring binder
  22. another recipe
  23. 8 pages that I photocopied of handwritten notes I took during training meetings
  24. 1 blank sheet of cardstock
  25. 1 printed out email
  26. 1 family home storage center order form
  27. 5 pages of receipt/rebate info for the new cell phones I ordered over the weekend
  28. 18 empty page protectors
  29. 1 Fire Safety merit badge workbook (Am I the only one who finds this ironic?)
  30. 2 bank statements
  31. 1 check re-order form (Uh, hello. I might want to take that over to the bank today. It might be important.)
  32. 2 church bulletins from 2 different weeks (which may give you an idea how long my desk has been cluttered)
  33. 1 velcro-strap thingy to hold electronics' cords together
  34. 1 freebie mass-mail magazine that lists all  of some unknown person's best-picks for home service providers
  35. another gas card bill
  36. 1 plastic packet of some metal pins that hold bookcase shelves up
  37. a bobby pin
  38. a Student Diet Modification Form that I should probably fill out and return to my Little Friends's school
  39. a Home Depot pre-approved credit card offer
  40. Mr. Dub's YMCA key chain tag
  41. some dust
  42. something sticky that's been smeared.
Once just a couple of things begin piling up my desk it becomes a dumping ground for everything that anybody (but mostly me) can't spontaneously and immediately figure out what to do with, or that is "momentarily" placed here to be put away later in the place where it actually goes.

The sweet, peaceful after:

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