Tuesday, November 3, 2009

happy, happy day

The past few weeks have been especially trying. The multitude of reasons don't really merit a list.

It all turned around today. Today was a good and fun and happy day.

Girls' Day Out can do that to a mama. Sometimes you just need to hang with your girlfriends.


  1. Im having the "trying" day today...all week really...tired, grumpy, and just want to hole up in my room for a week or so..but no...life goes on!

  2. I think my main problem is fatigue. I'm not getting enough sleep, so every little frustration or mishap becomes a catastrophe in my mind.
    I was rereading one of my new favorite books and there's a quote in there about life and death. How it isn't life that goes on, but death. Death lasts forever, it's life that changes and ultimately ends.
    How's that for sunshiny and upbeat? LOL