Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Art Appreciation

My bff Donna is taking an Art Appreciation class. I think she hasn't loved it but I'm glad she's taking it anyway.

Because I love art. And because Donna knows that, and because she likes me and she's a nice friend, she got for me the coolest present ever.

Two board books - one featuring the art of Van Gogh called In the Garden with Van Gogh, and the other with Monet called A Picnic with Monet. The authors, Julie Merberg and Suzanne Bober, have written simple, sweet stories to go along with the paintings.

"Twelve sunflowers lean toward the light. Five are wide open, seven shut tight...In a yellow field under bright blue sky, a farmer reaps when the wheat grows high...Plant and pick, sow and reap, all things that grow need time for sleep, in the quiet light of a starry night."

I can't wait to share the beautiful world of fine art with my dear little Buttercup. And we'll start with these very lovely board books.

Thank you, Donna!


  1. ummm... that was from me, donna, not aww.
    weird site.

  2. Ohhh!

    I love art, too. I have a feeling that dear little Buttercup might be an artist when she grows up. She will be exposed to the art world from a very young age. Also to theatre, dance, music, etc.

    She will just be a little artsy fartsy girl!

  3. Just like her mama! She'll be way more wonderful than you can imagine!

  4. Calysta wants to be an artist. I should take her to the OU Fine Art museum.