Friday, December 11, 2009

newborn baby

Today is my Pretty Girl's birthday. I was sort of hoping that she would give birth to her own Pretty Girl today, but I haven't heard anything about it. Rats. I am so anxious to meet our dear little Buttercup!

This pic was taken when Karie was about a week old. She still looks brand new but had lost that "raw" look that really newborn babies have. I love this girl. I didn't know her at all, and sometimes I wonder if I know her at all now, but I love her. Truly.

Happy Birthday, Karie Blueberry!

(Blueberry is not her real middle name, in case you were wondering. Her real middle name is Elizabeth. But if you call her "Karie Blueberry", "Blueberry", or even just "Blue" she'll answer to it. )


  1. Wendy has called her "Blue" her whole life. Now Calysta refers to her as "KareBear", she's heard me call her that so much. Bobby calls her "The Blueberry".

    Whatever she's called, I bet she thinks the "Karie stories" will be over now and we'll have Buttercup stories. She doesn't know yet that the stories just multiply, like the love.

    Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl.

  2. Beautiful baby girl! I can't wait to see the next generation!
    My husband is called something that sounds like "Ubba-doy" by his family. His grandfather, who was Lebanese, gave him this nickname when he was very little. In Arabic, it means "the best". When he's around his dad or his siblings, he might be called, "Ubbadoi", "Ubba", or "Ub"... and then again, he might be called, "Little Johnny" (In Western Pennsylvania accent, it sounds a little like Jwohnny)... "Big Johnny" is his dad, who is quite a bit shorter than "Little Johnny", but once upon a time, Little Johnny was little and Big Johnny was big.
    It was one of my fondest wishes as a child to be given a nickname, but it never happened.
    Karie Blueberry and Buttercup are living my dream.

  3. Donna, you might not have got a nickname like one you wanted. They called me "Armadillo" when I was young, among other things. Sometimes they STILL call me "Amos". LOL

  4. You were also Amy-do, and Doozer.