Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Here you go, Jill

You knew it had to be coming, and of course it was!

Ariel. The lovely little mermaid.

The Little Mermaid was the first video that we bought for my Pretty Girl and she and I watched it multiple times a day from the day we got it until, well, we would still watch it once in a while before she moved away to go to college!

The music is great, the characters are fun and memorable, the story is romantic. Remember the song, "Kiss the Girl" ? Wow. And what girl doesn't have a secret cache of cool, mysterious and very valuable treasures?

Buttercup is going to love it just as much as we do.

When the Little Biggie (aka "our trepid trekker") was old enough to start watching it with us he was a little freaked out by Ursula. One time I had bought some Dixie bathroom cups that had the characters from The Little Mermaid on them. He would take a cup, one after the other, from the cup dispenser in the bathroom until he found a cup without Ursula on it and was therefore safe to drink from. Everytime I went into the bathroom there would be Ursula's clean, dry cups all over the counter. Dozens of them. Ursula is the Sea Witch after all - it must be quite dangerous to go drinking water from a cup with the Sea Witch on it.

This is for you, Taylor:


  1. I watched it many times with your Pretty Girl. In fact, I also watched it with her mom, my Pretty Girl. KB was entranced with Prince Eric--and by extension, her own Uncle Eric.

    What terrific memories!