Monday, December 14, 2009

check, check, check...

I got A LOT done today. I'm trying to get enough done before I go to Austin for the debut appearance of our lovely Buttercup so that:
  • I don't feel like I have to rush back with people who likely won't be capable of hurrying;
  • everything that must be taken care of this week (the week before Christmas!) is done;
  • people will be satisfied and contented and nurtured with what has been made available for them;
  • when I get home with my two lovely ladies I will feel relaxed instead of aggravated at a long list of chores to do.

What I did today:

  • cleaned out the fridge;
  • cleared off the desk;
  • put together all the health insurance paperwork for our year-end claim on our Health Savings Account which
  • naturally involved more than one phone call and
  • navigating through multiple automated telephone labyrinths and
  • required a consult with Mr. Dub about Member ID numbers, usernames and passwords;
  • packaged and mailed off the Christmas gifts I've created/hunted for/wrapped;
  • finished some Christmas pretties for my bffs and delivered them;
  • vacuumed the entire house and then mopped the entry/hall/kitchen/dining room;
  • made a difficult phone call to explain what I'm capable of and what I am not capable of and didn't feel guilty about not being able to do everything.

My "to-do" piles are gone. My home is tidy and clean if not spotless. My heart is light and my conscience is clear.

I'm ready to go to Austin.

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