Friday, December 4, 2009

a big sigh of relief

Tonight was the last really busy night of the busiest week we're going to have this month. Starting tomorrow it's about relaxing and having fun for Christmas. We do have a few more events and a few holiday details to wrap up, literally and figuratively, but nothing too taxing.

Guess what! It snowed at our house today. I got to drive in it. It was fun.

And now it's gone. Which is really quite great because snow becomes a bummer very quickly in a place like Houston where practically no one ever learned to drive in it.


  1. I can't believe the busiest part is over at your house. I suspect that you just don't know yet all the "busy-ness" that's coming. Maybe no one has told you yet! Also, don't forget how busy you'll be soon when your Buttercup arrives. That'll be fireworks busy!

  2. I know that I'll be busy when Buttercup gets here - that's one reason we're keeping things simple from today on. What other busy-ness is coming? What hasn't anyone told me? Now I'm worried.

  3. Well, you know those short people (all children are the "short people" regardless of how old or tall they are) are treacherous about keeping you busy...

  4. That santa looks like he's choking the reindeer.

    I love the busy-ness! It's fun and festive!