Thursday, August 13, 2009


We had bunco tonight - very fun. My mom got to come with me and meet some of my friends. I wonder what she thinks of them and what they think of her.

Worlds are colliding!

Next month it is my turn to host bunco here at the DubDub home. I've got a whole month to think about what I'm going to cook for the meal and to finish up my house projects. It's kind of a good thing to have people over - it makes me get my act together.

Now I have to keep track of the bunco game materials for a month. I really hope I don't stash it somewhere safe and then never be able to find it again!


  1. Bunco?

    A bunch of women get together, eat, and talk about boring things and tell their husbands that they played a game.


  2. That's exactly right, Bob. So if Karen ever tells you that she's going to play Bunco you shouldn't think another thing about it.