Thursday, August 27, 2009

quilting thursday

I went to quilting group today and continued working on my jungle animal paper piecing quilt project.

I completed the koala and began and finished the elephant (except for the embroidered tail, eye, and tusk). I have a total of 6 blocks done. At this point in time I have 12 kits and plan to finish all 12. I may stop at that point and make it into a quilt or I might buy more kits. I'll have to decide when I get done with the 12.

When I came home from quilting group I washed, dried, and pressed all the fabrics for Buttercup's bedding and also for her butterfly quilt. I'm so excited to start on those projects but I'm forcing myself to finish the ones I've already started. The colors, the patterns, the variety and the anticipation of seeing my little granddaughter - oh my. It's enough to keep me awake all night, every night till she's born.

I do have to practice a little bit of self-discipline, you know. Otherwise I'd have 43 partially completed projects. And zero actually completed projects. And even if I stay awake every night till she gets here, it won't happen any sooner than it's going to.


  1. Don't forget the mittens!! Now I have forgotten who they're for. Surely not anybody in the hot parts of the world. So, maybe poor Finns? Who were they for?

  2. I am loving your quilt patches.

    B will most def. love her butterfly quilt!