Thursday, August 20, 2009

you gotta have friends...

I joined a quilting group earlier this summer. I visited one of their meetings just to see what it was all about and figure out if it was something I wanted to do.

I've wanted to be a quilter for a long time. I've made several different kinds of quilts with varying degrees of success and I've thought that if I ever had time, I'd like to make something really beautiful. But at the same time, I kind of think that quilting is sort of an old lady thing to do. It's not a very hip or stylin' thing. You know what I mean? Gossipy old biddies pricking their fingers and sweating while churning out predictable, badly-sewn blankets that future generations would exclaim over. But not in a good way.

It hasn't turned out to be that way at all. I've met a group of talented and creative artisans of all ages, each with their own style and point of view, all of whom are generous with their skills and their time, who are creating incredibly intricate and unique works of very real art.

I'm SO much a beginner. It's embarrassing that I have to keep asking them to show me just one more time how to do something. But these ladies are patient and congratulatory about every single piece I manage to complete. It's embarrassing how long it takes me to finish my weekly square - long after everyone else has left I'm still there going, "What do I do again?"

Sheesh. I hate looking like a slow learner. But I really want to do this.

We had a demonstration today on Picture Piecing. It's similar to Paper Piecing but not quite so fussy. I made the butterfly square because I have a feeling that my dear little Buttercup needs a butterfly quilt.


  1. I love the butterfly! I love the colors in that particular butterfly too! If you ever feel the desire to make a king-size purple butterfly quilt, I know just the person who would be glad to take it off your hands. :o)

  2. my purple quilt is gone on to serve a better purpose. Jennie has no quilt now...are ya feeling sad for me yet? :o)

  3. Amy, Christa's mom makes abstract art quilts that sell for around $2k per week. She uses Dupioni silk on them. They're pretty neat.
    She's got a page up on a visual arts collective website but I can't post a link here. If you're interested, you can google Carla Houston, quilts.