Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Becoming Grammy

My grandmother got a big kick out of recording commercials that she liked (also music videos) and then making everybody watch them with her when we visited her. It was huge for her. We sort of joked about it behind her back - that if you visit Gram you'll have to watch all her favorite commercials. She especially loved commercials that had animals in them.

I think I'm getting old. Or Grammy-ish. Because although I haven't started recording commercials yet, I did say to Grampy today while we were watching TV that "this is my favorite commercial".

Actually I have two favorite commercials. That Iams bulldog is just so darn cute. The other one I like is the Tostitos salsa flamenco dancer one with the fan/knife. It's so creative and fun and the music is awesome.

Please send help right away. Because although I loved Gram and I think she was super fun and interesting, and I don't mind getting older, and so far being a Grammie is nothing short of fantastic, I don't like commercials. I don't. And the fact that I am now actually analyzing commercials for their artistic value and/or cuteness factor and then deciding that one of them is my favorite commercial really bothers me. Favorite commercial? Really?



  1. You also knit or crochet little animals. Remember Jawbles? You're one small step away from becoming Grammy...wait. Don't you refer to yourself as Grammy with regards to Buttercup?

  2. Yeah, as soon as you start calling yourself Gram, you better be able to accept all that comes with the name. Commercials, crochet animals, etc.

  3. What about a goodie box? There must be one hidden somewhere down there in the back of some closet... hehehe