Saturday, January 30, 2010

My dear little Buttercup

I haven't seen her in a couple weeks and there's a bit of a heartache beginning to form. I'm hoping to see her next weekend.

When I was at the VA hospital last week with Grampy, I heard a baby making baby noises. When I went over to admire the baby and commented that she was lucky to spend time with the pretty little girl, the grandmother of the baby said that whenever she misses the baby she just goes and gets her.



  1. I was holding her this morning. What a perfectly wonderful tiny package! But I know what you mean about missing your grandbaby. That's how I felt after you guys went to Houston. I was SOOOO lonely and forlorn. We'll be there next Friday night. Get ready! I sure love her.

  2. I got to hold her and kiss her yesterday. She is basically perfect and adorable. I love her!