Friday, January 15, 2010

Hello? Is anyone home?

I'm back! Back, that is, to having a computer and Internet at home. There were several anxious moments when I had to remember what to do with myself during my occasional stay-at-home-mom downtime. No way to keep up with my favorite people/blogs/games - I was at a loss, I'm telling you! But I'm back in business here although I have lots of email catching up to do (Hi Cathi! I loved hearing from you and will write you back very soon!).

With no Internet and therefore a few empty hours every day I was beginning to find my busy bee groove again and was getting a lot of things accomplished when the cosmos smiled upon me and intervened in a big way.

Little Buttercup came to visit unexpectedly! And all accomplishing came to a grinding halt.

I had her pretty much all to myself for 48 hours. I say "pretty much" because I had to give her up every once in a while to the men inhabiting the Dub home -everybody wants to love on this baby. I definitely had her all to myself during the night - I'm currently a couple days behind on my beauty sleep.

But oh, what a lovely time we've had! She's sweet, she's cute, she's very wide awake. All the time. She missed her mama quite a bit, and we've witnessed some little outbursts of temper:

But mostly things were sunshine and smiles. What a love she is. Even when she's certain we're all complete amateurs at this baby-tending stuff.

I'm glad to be back on the blog. See you tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks for the pictures. I missed your blogs. Welcome back!