Sunday, January 24, 2010

Täby, Sweden

Taylor has been transferred to the mission office in Täby. I went online to find out a little bit about the city. Here's what I thought was interesting:
  1. There are runes there.
  2. Täby used to be a city in its own right. Now it's considered a suburb of Stockholm. The Swedes seem proud of this. I guess urban sprawl doesn't bother them too much.
  3. There are ruins dating from the Iron Age nearby to Täby. I hope Taylor gets to take the tour while he's there.

They also have a place called the Täby Galopp. It is Scandinavia's largest something. I'd like you to guess, without looking it up on the Internet, what the Galopp is.

It's not that hard if you think about it. The first three people who guess right will win a prize! Don't cheat! You know my prizes are small - it's really not worth cheating. Comments won't show up until three people have won.

Here's another little interesting tidbit. To type the a with the two little dots over it, as in Täby, press and hold down the alt button while typing 0228 on the numbers keypad on the right of your keyboard. To type the capital A with the dots, as in Äldste Walraven (Elder Walraven) press and hold the alt button while typing 0196 on the numbers keypad.

You can write a letter to Taylor. He receives letters and small packages weighing less than 4 pounds at:

Äldste Taylor S. Walraven
Sweden Stockholm Mission
PO Box 2087
SE- 183 02 Täby

Or you can email him at He would love to hear from you!


  1. Gallop = horses racing. It's a racetrack. I'm not sure Äldste Walraven can go there while there are races and gambling going on.

  2. My guess is a horse race track... galopp looking to me like gallop. :o)

  3. I would guess largest mall. Did you know, there is a rune stone in Oklahoma, too?

  4. James Walraven:

    Is it a horse racing track?

  5. The Täby Galopp is a horseracing track. Congrats Ty, Gabby, and James! You'll receive your prize very soon. Be watching for it!