Sunday, January 31, 2010


Did you ever have the dream that your alarm clock went off and you got up and ate breakfast and got ready for school? And then your alarm really went off and you really woke up and you were disoriented for a minute about what had happened?

I have that dream periodically although I'm not getting ready for school in the dream anymore, I'm doing other stuff. I haven't ever dreamed that I was sleeping though. It's an interesting thing to consider. Would you dream that you were watching yourself sleep? Or would it be something else?

Sleep is strange. I love it anyway.

I Dreamed that I was Sound Asleep
by Kenn Nesbitt

I dreamed that I was sound asleep
and lying in my bed,
and in my dream another dream
was drifting through my head.

And in that dream I had a dream
and in it I was dreaming
a dream about a dream until
I woke up nearly screaming.

It seems to dream you're dreaming
is a terrible mistake.
I can't tell which dream ended
and I'm not sure I'm awake.

What are your recurring dreams? (And please remember that my Little Friend reads my blog so don't get too graphic.)


  1. I scarely ever remember my dreams. I'm not sure if I have a recurring one. I'll pay attention.

  2. At least twice a month I dream about photo labs. I'm either working in mine or someone else's lab. There are usually very weird happenings, like I'll go into the darkroom and there won't be a ceiling or the light won't turn off or the film developing machine won't work and I'll have to something strange like hand crank it...and as far as I know, film machines don't have cranks.

    I always consider these dreams to be nightmares.

    I have another recurring one that I'll tell you about later.