Friday, January 8, 2010


We don't usually get much of a winter. This year we do. It's cold. And while I appreciate cool, even chilly, I don't love cold.

My computer died today. Mr. Dub's diagnosis is that it "doesn't look good". Which begs the question "So... what now?" but I haven't asked it yet. I'm hoping the solution will be apparent to him and he'll just take care of it for me.

In the morning I drive 3 hours north to get my grandfather. He'll be visiting for a couple of months or until we can't stand one another anymore.

Maybe when I get back late tomorrow afternoon, it will have warmed up a little. Maybe there will be a new computer waiting for me. Maybe Grampy's mood will have lightened.

You know, it never hurts to send out into the cosmos what you want. (If one of my wishes hasn't come true, it may be a while before I get back to my blog.)


  1. wish I could come for a visit too! But I have been sick and dont want to pass it around. Would love to escape for a bit though.