Thursday, January 7, 2010


Despite all our attempts to convince him that they are lame, my Little Friend has remained firm in his desire for a snuggie. So he and I made a trip last week to the fabric store to pick out some fleece.

Apparently there was a conversation about snuggies at school yesterday, and he informed me that he will be "the only one with a dark green snuggie that his own mama made".


It was actually a very quick, easy and even fun project. And just in time for some extreme (for us, anyway) winter weather.


  1. Well, it's about time he got a Snuggie!
    Gosh, now I'm jealous. That's a really great manly but beautiful color... um, Jakie, could I borrow your Snuggie tomorrow? I hear it's going to be coooooold!

  2. Good deal, Jakey! You sure look handsome and very happy and toasty in your snuggie.

  3. Amy, I hope you appreciate that he wanted one his mama made, because at some point he is not going to want anything his mama makes.

  4. Tell Jake, Ricky has a Snuggie too! Got it from his mama w/out the handmade TLC :)