Thursday, January 21, 2010

The VA

I spent the day at the VA hospital with my grand-dad. It was an eye-opening experience. If you ever need to feel like you are blessed more than you are afflicted, go to the veterans hospital and look around.

While you're there, talk to someone in the waiting room. I'll bet there isn't a group as open, friendly, and talkative as a bunch of vets with a lot of time on their hands.

But if you have to go there, plan on staying all day. Because that's how long it takes.


  1. We have never stayed longer than an hour when Bobby has an appointment. These guys up here are really on it.

    Why was Grampy at the VA? Is he sick?

  2. It was one of his regular appointments to check on his blood thinner level. He had blood drawn in the lab (50 people ahead of us when we got there) and then an appointment with a doctor. He got an Rx for a more powerful pain medicine because he's in a lot of pain in his right side and an antidepressant. Also a refill of the blood thinner.
    I've seen more people in once place before but only at a major league stadium or rock concert.