Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This is the career that remains the strongest possibility for me. I feel driven to create the perfect loaf of bread. And then to create it over and over again. I'm not sure where this drive comes from but bread is something I can be passionate about. I need to find a better balance in my life so that there is time to fully investigate it. There is something about bread - it feeds the body, yes, but really good homemade bread also feeds the soul. The scent? The effort put into making it? The dedication required to make it fabulous? The fact that even mistakes are edible? I don't know. But there's something.

Dreaming of owning my own bakery someday...and seriously considering purchasing my very first buckets of whole grain rye and oat groats.


  1. yeah... just SAYing oat groats feeds the soul somehow. I'll be happy to eat your mistakes!

  2. I used to buy soy flour, oat flour, and others to put in and fortify the bread I made. Grammy told me she thought it was a good idea because if bread is the Staff of Life, it should be full of good things. I think bread is the stuff of life.