Thursday, September 3, 2009


I used to think I wanted to be a chef when I grew up.

I like cooking. I think I'm good at it most of the time. But I have issues:

  • I am somewhat of a picky eater - no shellfish, no mushrooms, no thank you.
  • I have food allergies - most fruits and some raw vegetables make me itchy and miserable.
  • I am made queasy by anything too disgusting like whole, dead animals of any kind. I have no desire whatsoever to cut up or debone a chicken or gut a fish. Also, noodles are sometimes kind of gross.
  • I consume no alcohol at all, not in a glass, not in my cooking. I wouldn't have the first clue how to pick a good wine from a bad one.

So you see "chef" isn't really an option for me. Chefs have to do some unpleasant tasks and they definitely have to try everything they cook and they have to cook the food their customers want to eat. Which means if people want Bananas Foster the chef has to make it (and try it to make sure it's right). And I can't eat bananas and don't eat rum.

But I would like to improve my cooking skills and I love reading cookbooks and trying new recipes that fit my rules.

And I would really like to wear a toque.


  1. Karen and I have a little game we play where I wear a toque and she wears this skimpy waitress outfit and...well...never mind!

  2. Ah-hem...

    Catering allows you to choose menues that you will provide and they can choose from what you offer.

    I think you would be really good at that.