Sunday, September 6, 2009

Professional Organizer

I love all the organizing/cleaning shows on tv. I think if I took the classes I'd be really good at it - for a certain kind of client.

One problem with this job for me is that a lot of people have pets. And if they are in need of a professional organizer, chances are very, very good that they haven't cleaned up after their pets in a long, long time. Cat and dog hair and dander really do a number on my immune system.

I've also realized that a cluttered house is a symptom of something much deeper that probably cannot be cured by someone simply coming in to help sort things out. All that crap provides something for them. Safety, security, validity, refuge from the storm, I don't know. It seems to be psychological in nature and it's deeply upsetting when you suggest that their possessions/treasures aren't precious and valuable and worth saving and hoarding and piling up around their homes. It seems like the longer people hang on to these behaviors, the harder it is for them to see any other way. It becomes a compulsion, sometimes. An actual mental disorder.

I believe that people and their relationships are negatively impacted by the inability to let go of things. My own point of view is that if everything is precious, nothing is. Do you know what I mean? I don't understand what the big deal is about all the junk that people own but I see that for many people it is a very big deal. I don't think I could be very understanding or patient with clients. I think it's really sad when people are not happy living the way they do but when it comes right down to it, they are incapable of making positive changes in their environment. A clean, comfortable, safe, and organized home is so important. I would like to help people accomplish that.

Just set all that crap free, people. Let it go. Send it back to the universe.

Or the landfill.


  1. Yeah! You said it!
    But not my beautiful hairspray can lid, and definitely NOT my favorite earring that lost its mate, and you know, those margarine tubs have a LOT of uses and ya never know when you'll need one of JUST that size...

  2. Lol, Gabby. You're incorrigible. But I still love ya!

  3. "My own point of view is that if everything is precious, nothing is." I know what you mean! And when I address Papers in particular... I think "If everything is important, nothing is."

    I think the big challenge for people is time or lack there of, between jobs, commutes, kids and putting food on the table...they just can't find the energy for change. Because as good a change IS. It requires effort.