Thursday, September 10, 2009

Professional Hostess

I'm just kidding!

But we had Bunco here at the Dub house tonight and it was really a lot of fun. Everybody liked my food (or acted like they did, anyway) and the house was ready when the guests started arriving so I feel like I was ahead of the game for once!

Professional hostess would be a tough job. When I used to read the Houston newspaper every day I'd read the society pages and I always marvelled at the perfect Stepford-wife-ish faces, clothes, and homes of those high society ladies.

And the menus - oh wow.

While it's fun once a year or so, a whole party season would get old pretty darn fast. You would have to have a caterer, florist, housekeeper, professional shopper, decorator, dermatologist, manicurist, hair-stylist, and probably other helpers too that I can't even imagine. I think they all have boob jobs, too. And can you imagine having to pose for pictures like that one above? Several times a year?

(And you know that Docia Rudley is smiling and looking like she's having a good time but inside she's going "These shoes are killing me and if I have to listen to one more lawyer joke I'm going to hurt somebody. Why can't I just be a law professor? Why isn't that enough? Why do I have to go to all these ridiculous society parties?")

That's a lot of hassle just for a party. I'd rather just hang out with my friends while wearing my comfy clothes and having lots of girl talk and laughs and diet Dr. Pepper.

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  1. Me too! You ARE an awesome hostess though! That was the best Bunco ever!