Monday, September 28, 2009


That picture is of Carl XVI Gustaf. He's the Sveriges Konung (Swedish King). He's dyslexic, which has nothing to do with anything.

Gavle, Sweden is where Taylor is spending his time right now. I did a little research on Gavle (but can't figure out how to get my keyboard to spell it right. The "a" in Gavle should have an umlaut).

Gavle is a port city. It has about 65,000 inhabitants. The Gavle Goat is regularly set ablaze at Christmastime but recently they started coating it with fire-resistant stuff to discourage arsonists. I don't really "get" the Gavle Goat thing, but I suppose it's one of those things that makes a lot of sense if you grew up there. Sort of like Velveeta cheese makes sense to Americans.

They produce Gevalia coffee in Gavle, Sweden. Gevalia is Latin for Gavle.

"Gavle" means river banks. The average temp in January is 21 degrees F and in July the average is 63 degrees F. I think I might like the weather really a whole lot in Gavle, Sweden.

Taylor says when the people find out that he and his companion are Americans they switch to English. He says they speak fairly good English. One man, possibly intoxicated, came up to them and told them that in Sweden there is no hope, no money, and no cash. Another guy accused them of urinating on his Catholic Virgin Mary with their Mormonism.

Interesting folks, Swedes.

You can see a satellite image of Gavle by clicking here. The body of water you see there is the Baltic Sea (Gulf of Bothnia on some maps).


  1. For some reäson I cän only get the "ä" with the umläuts (for Gävle) when I type. I häve no explänätion.

  2. Did you do Alt 0228? I tried it but couldn't make it work. You'll have to show me when you get home. I know you'll love that.