Thursday, September 17, 2009

Choir Booster Club

It's in full swing. Our high school is hosting TMEA District Auditions on September 26 so for the next week I'll be running around like, well, you know.

This year will be easier than last year because this year:
  • I don't have bronchitis
  • We didn't just have a major hurricane blow through here
  • I don't have any broken bones

Everybody keep my Little Prince in your thoughts and prayers that he'll be able to do his best as he auditions for All-State Choir. My lovely niece A (who is a SENIOR this year!) will also be going through the audition process.

Wouldn't it just be the coolest if they both make it to All-State?


  1. Yes, that would be the coolest! I'm crossing all my fingers and toes so that will happen.
    Try to take a breather once in awhile and stop to eat a taco now and then. :o)