Saturday, September 5, 2009


I love science. I love biology. Astronomy. Chemistry. Zoology. All of it.

All of it that doesn't involve math, anyway. I think I would really love physics if I could just get my head around the mathematics.

I used to think I'd be a scientist when I grew up. My smart sister is studying to be a biologist and my smart brother just got his master's in physics. I'm proud.

Today is my smart biologist sister's birthday. I won't say how old she is, but oh boy, she's getting up there.

Happy Birthday Jen!!! I wish you happiness and good fortune for this day and every day.

If, without cheating, (and cheaters - you know who you are! no googling, no clicking on the pic) you can be the first to tell in the comments section what woman is pictured in the photo above, you'll win a prize.


  1. My guess is Marie Curie, but only because I know she's a famous woman scientist.

  2. Hey mom, this is James. Im positive that its Marie Curie, so do I win since I'm sure? Sister Gabriel's was only a guess anyway, right?

  3. well, I was kinda sure, and I hadn't looked it up yet to double check, so my guess wasn't cheating, so it counts!

  4. it is Marie Curie! She won the Nobel twice, in two different disciplines (Chem & Physics i think). I believe she may be the only person to ever do that!

    I know that cause Im the smart sister! wow...the smart Ive been elevated in status! WOOHOO!

  5. Prizes for everybody! James, Gabby, and Jennie - watch for a super prize! You're just gonna love it. : )