Friday, September 4, 2009


I like sewing. I've made lots of things over the years. I'm competent but not especially fabulous at it. I still don't know how to adjust a pattern to fit a person although I can usually fix the problems once the fabric is sewn into clothing. (Something just occurred to me - I wonder if it is a problem with 2D vs. 3D perception? Maybe. I have trouble with that in areas other than sewing.)

I really like sewing when everything is going smoothly. Once I hit a snag with the pattern instructions, or heaven forbid the sewing machine is acting up, frustration usually overcomes me. That, and my house falls into utter chaos if I spend more than half an hour intensely involved in some sewing project.

Someday I'd like to have a craft room where I can keep my sewing machine set up all the time. I think I'd sew more often if I didn't have to drag everything out each time the mood strikes me. And it's not so much dragging it all out that I don't like, it's knowing that I'll have to gather it all away so we can eat dinner on my sewing table, which just so happens to double as our dining room table. It would be nice to leave a project laying out just so, so that I can start back up as soon as I'm ready.

I've sewn stuff for love and for money. I've learned over the years that I much prefer sewing for love. So "seamstress" as a profession is out.

I bought a new serger yesterday. Buttercup will make her grand debut in just a few short months. She will be packing light -all she's bringing with her is her birthday suit - the girl needs some clothes!


  1. I love her Birthday suit! I think it suits her better than anything she will ever have.

    But I do also love little girl clothes.

  2. You've only got a two kids left at home, you can make a craft room now!

  3. When you were little -- I think I was expecting Scott, it occurred to you that the baby was going to arrive naked. You were concerned that he/she would be able to get some clothes on soon because -- well, gee where were the clothes coming from? You talked about it a lot--how soon after being born would the baby get something on?

    I see you're still focused on this issue. Karie, your mom is not going to let your tiny one go without plenty of clothes, you know.

    Since my life is my own again, I have re-discovered that I love to cook, sew, exercise my creativity in many ways--and this is in just a month. I'm loving this.

    Amy, I wish we could get together with your serger and my new sewing machine--we could really do some good stuff!!

  4. find an old table at a garage sale and put it in the guest room/new sewing room! I was talking to mom about converting our guest room into an expanded master room and Calysta got very upset. Apparently I dont have a guest room. I have a Calysta's room where other people get to sleep over if its cleared with her first! LOL