Friday, September 25, 2009

random bits of fluff

Stuff that's on my mind:
  • I decided a long time ago (right after the last time I got a speeding ticket) that I wouldn't speed anymore
  • mainly because it's dangerous
  • but also because I'm tired of getting speeding tickets
  • which isn't exactly true
  • what I'm really tired of is taking Defensive Driving class
  • Anyway
  • I realized this morning that 35 mph seems fast enough
  • which makes me feel two things at the same time.
  • One, that I'm getting really old,
  • because HELLO - 35 mph is slow
  • and Two, thank heaven because it has really been a drag trying to watch my speed and slow down ALL the time.
  • I was also thinking about how cRazY I feel when I'm feverish
  • like loony-bin crazy
  • hallucinations
  • visual and...and...and whatever that word is that means you hear it
  • aural?
  • Do you ever wonder if people really have an aura?
  • That they might really bugs me
  • I don't want people having inside information on me
  • I would be bummed if people could "read" my aura without my knowledge
  • Would they know that a lot of the time I'm pretending to be understanding and patient but really I'm thinking "Get with the program, people. It's not that hard."
  • But that I am also at the same time thinking, "Man, this program is hard."
  • Or would the aura-reading people just know that I'm inconsistent and basically flaky?
  • Which of course begs the question - Amy, do you really think people have to see your so-called aura to know that you're inconsistent and flaky? Get a grip, Mrs. Dub.
  • Anyway, back to the feverish hallucinations
  • When I was a whole lot younger than I am now I worked in a store where I engraved the items that I sold
  • jewelry, name tags, lighters, pens, other fancy crap that people bought
  • like that sweet, silver baby cup in the picture
  • I've engraved hundreds of those little cups
  • and I really loved engraving
  • and sometimes when I imagine myself finding a job I think "I'd like to do engraving again"
  • but then I realize that most everybody is doing their engraving with a computer engraver now
  • which is not the same at all
  • because a computer doesn't have the love
  • and if you're buying a special gift, like a sterling silver baby cup,
  • and going to the trouble of having it engraved
  • don't you want it to have the love of a human being and not the soul-less-ness of a computer?
  • Anyway, when I used to be an engraver we used what we called "copy"
  • which were all these little brass plates, hundreds of them, that each had a letter or number on them
  • we would use them to spell out whatever name or date or sentiment was going to be engraved on the item
  • and we copied over the letters with a stylus that had on its other end a diamond-tipped engraving thingy
  • whenever I am feverish I hallucinate myself with a stylus going over and over and over my engraving copy.
  • Loopy, fanciful, elegant letters and numbers and designs
  • which I suppose is better than hallucinating monsters and bogey men
  • but still
  • it's enough to drive you bonkers.

That's enough. Carry on, people.


  1. Who says computers are soul-less?

  2. psst. Amy. your aura is showing. I think you were hallucinating when you wrote this blog! HAHHAHA

  3. You are a funny funny woman. :o)

  4. Auditory hallucinations? What did you hear??

  5. Mom, I hear people talking in my ceiling fan. I can't quite make out what they're saying though. It's like they're whispering in the next room behind a closed door. When I'm not feverish it's just a low hum. White noise. When I'm sick, it's people talking and keeping me awake. LOL