Wednesday, September 2, 2009


...I've thought I might do when I grew up:

Jeweler. Not the jewelery-selling kind of jeweler. I mean the cutter, polisher, designer, and maker kind of jeweler.

Gemologist has also appealed to me. It's more of a scientific job, but lots of very beautiful things pass through a gemologist's hands.

I have a very large jar of interesting and/or beautiful tumbled rocks. There are some semi-precious stones of very low quality in there. I love them and it satisfies some sort of need that lies deep within me to admire them and handle them and let them sift through my fingers.

(I can't explain my attraction to pretty rocks. I wonder if it is just a girl thing, or if it is unique to me?)

My children, knowing this about me, have brought me many pretty rocks that they have found. Some are very lovely, some are broken chunks of concrete.

I love them all.


  1. It's strictly a woman thing. The bigger and more sparkly (and authentic) the better.


  2. What I'm about to say should be read like I said it in a whisper:

    ((you should go with wilson to pick out a certain kind of sparkly gem for me))

  3. Karie, When I got my sparklies, the kids (your aunts and uncles) came to OK and went shopping with Bobby.

    With everyone having input, I got good ones. Great choice!! :)