Wednesday, October 7, 2009


In honor of all the tests Jake is taking this week (and all the studying we are doing together):

World's Hardest Test, by Kenn Nesbitt

Preparing today for the standardized test
our teacher said there was a lot to digest.
We'd have to divide by the square root of three
and learn to spell zygote, facade and marquis.

We'd need to play xylophone, trumpet and flute,
accordion, banjo, piano, and lute,
recite all the capital cities by heart
and learn to take rocketship engines apart.

We'd have to speak Latin, Swahili, and Greek,
learn nuclear fusion and fencing technique,
remember the fables of Persia and Rome,
and crack all the codes in the human genome.

Then just when we thought that our heads might explode
from learning Chinese or dissecting a toad
she told us the very best thing she could say:
that she was just kidding; it's April Fool's Day.


  1. Yikes! Good luck to the little guy and his tests.


  2. Cute. With all that knowledge, he is the very model of a modern major general...