Wednesday, October 14, 2009

product review and household hint

Do I have a super sensitive sniffer? Or do my men just really stink? They all shower every single day, and yet...

Either way, Downy April Fresh scented Febreze rocks.

I read on a clothing care site that before you store your clothes for any length of time you should spray them with anti-microbial Febreze.

So there you go. You can call me Heloise if you like.

Don't you think that 'downy' is a good word? It makes me think of soft, fluffy, sweetly-scented baby clothes. Also, duckies.


  1. Nope, they all stink. --man funk.

  2. eww, man funk. I'm glad I'm getting a girl.

    I like duckies!

  3. Two of your men stayed at my house for a few days and Karen didn't once say that they stink. I noticed no stink. I certainly don't stink. Women, however, have the loveliest stink in the world. Well, maybe stink isn't the right word...smell? Fragrance? Aroma? Scent? Bouquet? Gotta love it!