Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gävle and birthday cake

In Houston, one of our favorite restaurants is Los Cucos. It's so good. I make Mr. Dub take me there once a week. Some weeks I don't get to go and it is just sad. We take the kids to dinner there whenever there is a reason for the whole family to celebrate.

In Gävle, Sweden the Turks own the Mexican restaurants. This is what Taylor has to say about it: "All of the 'Mexican' restaurants are owned by Turkish people and they are poor substitutes...there is no cheddar cheese in Sweden".
I wonder - are the Turks poor substitutes for the Mexicans or does he mean that the Turks are clueless when it comes to the enchilada plate? And no cheddar cheese? In a whole country?

Goodness gracious.

There are also no drinking fountains. "The only drinking fountain I've seen in the country was in the temple, which explains why Sister Rondahl in the MTC didn't know the word in Swedish for drinking fountain. They do have real Dr. Pepper, but no free refills".

My word.

I think that's what they call culture shock.

Today is my aunt Michele's birthday. One time she and I went to the Cayman Islands together, and when we came back and I was telling people about our trip most of the time their reactions went something like this -"You went to the Cayman Islands with your aunt? That's so nice of you!"

Aunt Michele is only a few years older than I am. It's not like I was pushing her along the beach in her wheelchair. We had a great time there. She's a fun person.

Hope your birthday is very happy, Cheli!


  1. When we had an English teen visit for several weeks, she was also amazed by the drinking fountains everywhere. She had also never heard of s'mores, or putting any kind of ice cream in a drink, like sherbet punch or root beer floats. Deprivation!!! I wonder who actually came up with the drinking fountain in the first place?

    Do they have peanut butter, graham crackers, Reeses' candy, root beer, marshmallow creme, and/or Nilla wafer type cookies in Sweden?

  2. Doesn't he know that cheddar cheese isn't Mexican?