Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's a conspiracy

That's what it is.

Have you noticed that all, (and when I say "all" I mean every single brand) of the toilet paper rolls are narrower? Mr. Dub did. And now we have a mission - to buy all the older, wider rolls before they're gone.
Because what we've always had is what we want. Why do they mess with perfection, anyway?


  1. Yes! It's a full 3/4" narrower! I'm outraged!
    I mean, according to, one in three MEN do NOT wash their hands after using a public restroom. Okay... so they use narrower paper... less coverage... more eboli on the escalator hand rail! Disgusting!

  2. Less paper, cheaper to make, charge a little more, make more money...

    It IS a conspiracy. "They" all had to agree to do it--or one company did it and all the others thought what a great idea, and they all do it. yep...

    Disgusting...disquieting...disheartening...I hope at least one person got to keep his/her job due to increased profits!

  3. ummm... I think I meant to say ecoli? oh well... y'all probably knew what I meant, eh?