Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween!

We had a good day. Jake was so funny - at the church Halloween party he went around to all the cars doing what they call "trunk or treating" and since we had run out of candy by the time he got back to our car, he dumped his bag into our bowl and set off to get us more candy to give away.

On our way home from the church he announced, "I'm not going out tonight. That's my final decision".

And he didn't. He sat at the end of the driveway with me and handed out candy to all our trick-or-treaters. He talked the whole time. When we had only four pieces left in the bottom of the bowl he decided that he was keeping it and we were done giving it away.

Next year we'll have our dear little Buttercup with us for Halloween. I figure with my mad skills on the sewing machine and her mother's flair for drama and costuming Buttercup will be the best-dressed baby in town on Halloween night.

Jake and I watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on TV Wednesday night. He had never seen it, and I was surprised, watching it again, how cynical and kinda sad it was.

That's as scary as it got for us this year. Not a single horror flick.

And no, that's not my jack-o-lantern. I remembered, as we were getting situated outside tonight, that buying a pumpkin and carving it up would have been a fun and appropriate thing to do today.

Oh well.

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  1. Carving pumpkins used to be a favorite activity for me growing up in Utah. Not so in Houston. They grow mold gardens in like... a day in this humidity. I have had no desire to waste my creativity on something that I'll just have to dump in the trash can tomorrow, which is what had to do with Sarah's this year within 2 days of all that scooping and patterning and carving.