Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Never, ever #2

I'm never, ever getting another paper cut. As long as I live. Whatever I have to do to avoid it, I'm doing it.

Want to hear something silly? I remember when I was a little girl (likely possessing a pair of skinned knees) making a vow that I would never get hurt again. From that moment on I would never again feel pain or have to witness vital bodily fluids ooze out of me.

Since making that vow I've given birth the old-fashioned way 5 times, broken some ribs, cracked my pinky toes numerous times on corners of baseboards and kitchen cabinets, and of course there have been various cuts, scrapes and burns while cooking and managing the DubDub household.

Be careful out there, people. And especially watch out while opening your mail.


  1. Nobody wants to get a paper cut; they just happen. Unless you say that you are going completely paperless from now on you are going to be at risk. Mail, scrapbooks, cards, reciepts,... they're all out to get you.

  2. It's a very risky place, the World, Amy...