Thursday, October 22, 2009

Never, ever #3

I don't ever want to go swimming again.

Sure, I'll go to the pool. I'll take the kids, but I'll be reading and supervising while high and dry on a deck chair. Maybe I'll dangle my feet in the water.

But I don't like swimming. I don't like anything about swimming.

I don't ever want to go.


  1. I hate swimming, too.
    I used to love it, but it's just not as fun when you get older.

    It's so boring.

  2. I don't like swimming because I always get sunburned no matter how much spf I use and sunburn hurts, my bottoms of my big toes get ripped up by the bottom of the pool, I always get water in my nose, being in the pool makes my stomach hurt and upset (anxiety possibly but also the constant lap lap lap pushing of the water against me), the chlorine burns my eyes, I know other people pee in the pool and pool water always gets in my mouth, eyes, nose, etc. and EWWWW, I don't happen to care for the way I look in a swimsuit so there's social anxiety too, I can't breathe underwater and feel panicky whenever I try to figure out the proper breathing technique, I'm practically blind without my glasses and since you can't wear glasses while swimming I spend the whole time practically blind.
    It's just not fun for me. But mostly it's the sunburn and blindness factor. I sit in the shade and watch while the kids swim.