Friday, October 23, 2009

the butterfly quilt

Remember how I said a couple weeks ago that I'd have it done in a week or ten days?

Ha! The thing has taken over my life.

  • 13 square butterfly blocks - each block has 27 seams
  • 8 large triangle blocks - each with only 1 seam
  • 4 small triangle blocks - each with 1 seam
  • sashing between all square and triangle blocks and bordering the whole thing - 12 inches of sashing contains 12 seams. I can't bring myself to measure the yards and yards of sashing I've made. It might possibly make me vow to never make another quilt.

(It's beautiful, though. A visual feast. It's also soft. Dear little Buttercup will have lots of sensory stimuli.)

And still not finished.