Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sit down. Shut up. Please.

Tonight was the Little Prince's Fall Choir Concert at the high school. It's a pretty big deal and the kids do a good job.

It is usually very well attended.

Before every single concert the Booster Club president or the choir director reviews proper concert etiquette. They print the directions about how to behave at a concert inside every concert program.
At every single concert some of the parents act like apes.

It's not that kind of concert, Ape. I'm just sayin'....


  1. Some parents have never attended a concert or anywhere where decorum was to be observed. It's too bad.

    I hope James felt like he did a good job. That's all I would really care about in the long run. I am looking forward to both the cousins in the State concert. I plan to go to that one.

  2. I'm glad I don't go to High School Choir Concerts, 'cause I wouldn't know if I was acting like an "Ape" or not! How do Apes act at Choir Concerts?

  3. They whoop when they see their own kid, they talk on their cell phones, they let their little kids make a lot of noise, they chat with each other across rows of seats, they use the flash when they take pictures during songs. They are completely oblivious that other people are there to listen and that all concerts are recorded.
    Now I always sit down in the front so there isn't as much visual ruckus to be distracted by, but I can still hear them.

  4. I would never do that or allow my kids to do that. We sometimes crinkle candy wrappers, and snicker when someone looks stupid, and we sometimes see who can fart the loudest or say a swearword while sneezing, but never the stuff you said. We wouldn't be caught dead acting like apes.