Tuesday, October 13, 2009

it's getting cold in Gävle

I got an email from Taylor yesterday telling me that they had some cold weather. Here are his words:

"Yesterday was the coldest I've ever experienced. The water in the ditch was frozen over in the morning and you could throw rocks on it to crack the ice, it was pretty fun".

For some reason that makes me laugh.
Picture two guys in suits.
Throwing rocks.
At ice.
And having fun doing it.
I think it's hilarious. My sweet boy who grew up
  1. where the temperature dropped below freezing maybe 15 times in his entire life and
  2. where the only rocks that are available for possible throwing are stacked neatly in people's flower beds as part of the landscaping decor and are therefore off-limits and
  3. where you can only find ice in the freezer.

Did you know we don't have rocks in Houston? We don't. We have giant lumps of clay, yes. Broken chunks of concrete, yes. Bits of gravel that have come unattached from the pavement, yes. But no rocks.

I'm glad Taylor gets to experience ice (and I'm sure snow and plenty of it will shortly come to pass for him) and rocks.

If I remember right, from my childhood spent on the side of a Rocky Mountain, rocks are fun to throw.

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  1. This made me giggle too. And further supports my theory that no matter how old men get...they're still boys.