Monday, October 5, 2009

life's too short and today's blog is boring

Or maybe days and nights and weeks are too short.

Grampy went home on Saturday, and I think he was a little put out because there were so many things going on that he spent a good part of quite a few days at home alone. I was thinking, hoping, wishing that things would slow down just a bit when he went home because there are so many things to do and projects to complete that I need some extra time.
I think an extra week would do it. Where do I sign up for an extra week?

This week we have:
  • Monday - choir booster club meeting which I am skipping because for pete's sake, I need a night off!
  • Tuesday - back-to-back piano lessons and webelos scouts
  • Wednesday - college night for high school juniors and boards of review for advancing scouts at the same time
  • Thursday - high school choir fall concert and bunco at the same time
  • Friday - I don't know yet but I'm sure there will be something. I'm really hoping not though.

And of course there's the mending and the sewing and the laundry... (Can you name that movie?)

In Sweden Taylor is 8 hours ahead of us in Houston. I wonder - if you fly around the world fast enough do you get extra hours in a day?


  1. I heard a TV evangelist (Robert Something) once talking about you should never say something couldn't happen. He boarded the Concord in Paris as the sun was setting. He was coming to North America and in a little while (because they were traveling west so fast) he saw the sun come up in the west. I have never forgotten that story.

    Relevant to nothing at all, but a good story nevertheless...